Barossa Boy 2018 Young Wisdom Mataro

  • The twisted old Barossa Mataro vines seemed impossibly ancient to Trent Burge as a small child. Yet they still stand, steadfastly producing fruit, as he begins to raise his own family.


    Mataro is often regarded as the backbone of Barossa winemaking. Usually blended with other varieties such as Shiraz and Grenache, it bestows spice, depth and roundness. The character-laden grapes of a particular, dry-grown old vineyard inspired the Barossa Boy Young Wisdom Mataro. 2016 was an outstanding vintage for Mataro; a harvest that demanded stand-alone respect.


    Barossa Boy honours the old wisdom of vines that have outlasted decades of varying weather and varietal fads. We add fresh perspective, highlighting this quiet achiever. Young Wisdom Mataro, created only in exceptional vintages, tells its own unique Barossa story.


    Pair with blue cheese, pulled pork & coleslaw, chinese roast duck, quinces & icecream.