PRE-ORDER Barossa Boy 2021 Cheeky Tilly Riesling

  • Around the same time that Barossa Boy Wines was launched, little Tilly, the Boy’s first child, was born. She’s a seventh generation Burge of the Barossa terroir, yet her own character is as unique as a single vintage. This Riesling is a tribute to the wild-haired, spirited girl and all her stories yet to be told.

    Fruit is sourced from the Barossa’s Eden Valley, where the cooler climate offers the slow ripening under which Riesling’s flavours really bloom. Crisp and bright, zinging with acidity and lemon-and-lime sunshine, this is the epitome of a ‘cheeky Riesling’ to share with loved ones. A portion of the fruit is dry-grown, intensifying its Eden Valley hallmark floral and citrus characters.